Welcome to Suite Doors!

Hi there! I’m Flynn, the founder of Suite Doors.

ABOUT ME: My name is Flynn Pollock, MLS. I’m a trained librarian with over 17 years of professional research experience. I started this blog because friends and family found my obsessive travel planning research to be helpful for their own trips. The issue of suites not having actual bedrooms came up over and over, especially with friends who had young children. So I thought I’d give it a go! I hope this guide helps you as much as it has helped those close to me. If you have a destination in mind that I haven’t gotten to yet, please contact me here!

ABOUT SUITE DOORS: Suite Doors is a travel guide to assist users in finding hotel accommodations that have at least one full bedroom separate from the living area with full walls and a door. None of the accommodations listed on this website will have suites that only offer small sofas or partial walls. Whatever your reason for needing separate living and sleep space–large family? loud snorer in the party? small kids who go to bed early? maybe you just want to spread out! This guide will help you find the perfect suite for you and your family.